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Dog Fencing Professional Testimonials

See what people think of their experiences with our products. You can find pet fence testimonials, veterinarians who have secured our services for their own pets, product benefits, brochures and pricing options below.

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How to Train Your Dog on an Invisible Fence the Pet Stop Way

Good pet training is absolutely critical. That’s why all Pet Stop dealers employ the most advanced, up-to-date behavioral methods and apply them … Read More

Dog Fencing Professional Testimonials

Dog Fencing Professional Testimonials

See what people think of their experiences with our products. You can find pet fence testimonials, veterinarians who have secured our services for their own pets, product benefits, brochures and pricing options below.

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“As a Veterinarian for the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of pet fences with numerous clients, and since June of 1998 I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of my own system.

Paul Mallory installed a system in my yard for my male Black Lab, and male German Shorthair Pointer, at that time. Not once have my dogs escaped the containment of the pet fence. The shorthair in particular is a very high strung dog and would have been very willing to escape the confines of the yard if given the opportunity.

Given my own experience I have not hesitated to refer many people to Paul for installation of a pet fence. Admittedly, I have heard of numerous situations where cheaper “do-it-yourself” kits have failed to achieve the desired results, which may contribute to a negative perception. Systems from a reputable dealer such as Paul Mallory seem to work very well. The expense of the system is a good indicator that the pet owner is serious about keeping his/her pet(s) contained. The training and follow up with the professional installer also increases the chance of success.

In conclusion, I do not hesitate to recommend to my clients that a pet fence from a reputable dealer is a viable means of sole containment for any pet.”

Dr. Kyle Johnson, DVM

Barry Road Animal Hospital



“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We love our system. We have had no problems at all since installing it 16 months ago. When I accidentally cut the wire while installing the new driveway, the serviceman was here right away to repair it. I am so glad that I chose Four Paws Fence. My neighbor used another brand of invisible fence and has had problems from day one. Her dogs are constantly out and she has a terrible time getting them to service it. Thank you, Paul, for making our lives so much easier. Because of our fence we enjoy our dogs (1 English Mastiff and 1 Bulldog) so much more.”

Debbie Dunmire

Harrisonville, MO

(816) 380-1111



“We live on a busy road (State Line). We have 3 dogs (3 English Pointers) and 1 cat on the system. It works great! We also love having the inside system to keep the animals off the furniture or out of certain rooms. The product is great, the service is impeccable! We are very happy customers. We have been using our fence for 8 years!”

Laura Forster

Kansas City, MO

(816) 363-7722



“The Hidden Fence System you installed for us three years ago to secure our 100 pound (plus) Lab within a two acre perimeter has been fabulous! The training you walked the dog and me through on the day of installation and my continued training for the following two week period proved to me that your system works. Jack has never left the property. Your service for new batteries and a new collar has been prompt – many times the items arrive the next day. Our only wire break in the system occurred last week and was repaired within six hours. That’s service! Thanks for making my life with Jack so much easier!”

Jane Birkeness

Liberty, MO

(816) 781-3844


“Four Paws Fence has worked fabulously for my three dogs (Golden Retriever, Bassett Hound, Cairn Terrier). I was skeptical at first, but when I saw my dogs chasing the neighbors dog out of my yard and stopping at the fence, not leaving the yard, I was a believer. My dogs don’t challenge the fence and respect the barrier.”

Debra Finch

Olathe, KS

(913) 764-2776



“We are very satisfied with our system. We have 4 dogs (3 Miniature Dachshunds and 1 American Breed) on 6 acres, within the city limits (no fences!) The dogs can have the run of the yard and I never have to worry about them running into the street. Paul showed us how to train the dogs so we would be successful with the system. I have dug up the wire several times doing landscaping projects, and when I call for help with repair the responses have been prompt and very professional. I am happy we chose this company and this product; I would recommend it to anyone.”

Ann Hughes-Collis

Olathe, KS

(913) 829-2616



“We love it. Had a 100 pound dog (Husky/Malmute mix) that had gotten into the neighbors livestock and needed to contain ASAP. Called, you changed schedules, got out to our place the next day & training. It was quick, explained, painless for us! The next pup (Husky/Malamute mix) you came with collar and started training. I don’t know how we lived without this. Makes our lives a lot easier. Peace of mind, no wondering where wandering dogs are. We have 6 acres enclosed for a great price and recommend you to everyone with a dog! Great job!”

Kenny Burnett

Belton, MO

(816) 591-2622



“Paul installed a fence in the Spring of 1998. We had a Great Dane puppy who is now 6 years old. Emma has never broken out of our yard. All of our neighbors have dogs and we have lots of squirrels and rabbits in our yard. Paul did a great job training us on the use of the fence. I would highly recommend Four Paws Fence to any pet owner considering a Hidden Fence.”

Mike Gallagher

Overland Park, KS

(913) 642-7889



“Paul – you are great! Not only did you train our Golden within 1 week to never challenge the fence, but you stood behind your product! I have already referred you to our neighbors and will continue to do so! It means a lot to me that whenever I have had to call you, you have responded immediately. Thanks for all that you do! Feel free to use me as a reference.”

Leslie Ferguson

Lee’s Summit, MO

(816) 373-3099


“Four Paws Fence has been a miracle! Wood Fence estimates averaged $5000 and would have obstructed a beautiful view. Our 110 lb. Chocolate Lab is free to run and our view of the woods is what we wanted. Four Paws was the perfect answer!”

Greg Dale

Kansas City, MO

(816) 436-2558



“We have had our hidden fence about 5 years with absolutely NO problems. Our Miniature Schnauzer trained in about a week and it is wonderful – our dog can roam our property and enjoy our big yard – Paul is a wonderful person to deal with – always treats his customer well. We highly recommend Four Paws Fence: Always feel free to call us.”

Steve and Donna Leeder

Lenexa, KS

(913) 894-6349

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