Dog/ Cat Doors and Fences 

We offer professional sales for the many different types of dog doors on the market today. We offer premium dog doors as well as many other styles and brands. Our goal is to provide a custom solution for you, based on the type of door, size of dog or other pet, and energy-efficiency needs. We carry every type of cat and dog doors, from the most economical choices to the most energy-efficient. We can use our expertise to find the right dog door for you.  


Call Four Paws Fence today at (913) 381-7297 for a free consultation.

Pet door manufacturers we currently service:

  • Hale® Premium Pet Doors

  • Security Boss Premium Dog Doors

  • Plexidor® Performance Pet Doors

  • Patio Pacific® Endura Pet Doors

  • Ideal® Pet Doors

  • PetSafe® Pet Doors

Cat and Dog doors we currently carry: 

  • Electronic/Automatic pet doors

  • Pet Doors through doors

  • Pet Doors through sash windows

  • Pet Doors through walls

  • Pet Doors for sliding glass doors

Unlike dogs, cats have the ability to climb their way over many traditional fences. While there are multiple cat enclosure possibilities on the market, none provide the advantage of giving your cat complete run of your yard while still keeping your beloved pet safe.


Our Pet Stop cat fence solution gives you peace of mind. Even if your cat likes to climb trees or fences our underground pet fence radiates several feet in the air so your feline will not be able to climb or jump over the cat fence radio signal.

We offer an exclusive training process for cats which allows the cat to learn the cat fence boundary in a very quick manner without any leash training needed. As long as your cat is willing to wear a collar they can be easily trained to our Pet Stop pet fence system.


Cat Run

Another fantastic benefit (optional feature) is a built in nightlight within the EcoLite™ receiver. A remote device allows you to quickly turn the nightlight on so you can see your cat in the dark of night. 

Our variety of styles of cat and dog doors will fit any unique door or window in your home. Pet door installation can be done on many different types of doors and walls with many different applications.






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