Lightning is a powerful element that can do serious damage to humans and animals alike. A single lightning strike can produce up to one billion volts of energy and up to two hundred thousand amps. That is incredible and unpredictable power. While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% protection, a lightning protection dog fence is a critical part of your fencing system. A big part of this system is properly installed dog fence transmitter grounding, which will ensure the best possible lightning protection. Most lightning damage to electric dog fences comes through the boundary wire rather than through the house power lines. Some would argue that wireless systems are best. However, we would like to stress that wireless dog fence technology is typically of very poor quality and only gives pets a very small area to run. Although it already comes with internal lightning protection we can offer additional lighting protection

Our Dog Fence Lightning Protection Can’t be Beat

Four Paws Fence has replaced multiple retail and internet purchased electronic dog fences that were destroyed due to lightning. Most retail store and internet purchased systems come with little or no lightning protection. Professionally installed dog fences, however, do come with good lightning protection. In fact, one of our Olathe customers had a retail dog fence system hit by lightning four times. Each time lightning struck, the fence’s transmitter unit was destroyed. The last time his pet fence transmitter blew off the wall and put a dent in his new truck, almost causing a fire in his garage. That is when he called us and we installed our professional pet fence system. His new dog fence was never hit by lightning again. Most retail systems have no place on their transmitter for a ground wire. In order to meet city electrical codes it is necessary to run a ground wire to the house power ground. Most professional electronic dog fences have a ground post built into the transmitter board which allows for a ground wire to be taken to the power outlet ground. This ensures that if your dog fence does get hit, the electricity will be diverted to the electrical ground on the house.

Are perimeter dog fences more susceptible to lightning strikes than other copper lines such as telephone and cable lines?

The answer is no. Telephone and cable lines both have some RF (radio frequency) running through them just like most fences for dogs. The critical issue is that proper grounding is in place. This limits the damage lightning can do and most of the time diverts any strike to the ground.

The Pet Stop Pet Fence System: Protecting you and Your Pets

The Pet Stop Pet Fence system has the best grounding protection on the market. This is why we only sell this one trusted brand. Pet Stop engineers are constantly improving the lightning built into their pet containment transmitters. Another option to ensure superior lightning protection is to invest in a Panamax Dog Fence Surge Protector. This offers superior lightning protection and was specifically developed for a pet fence system. We offer the Panamax surge protector with most of our pet fence packages. To learn more about lightning protection for your new or existing dog fence, request a free estimate today. NOTE: We can add Dog Fence Lightning Protection to an existing system no matter what brand you used.






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