By now you’ve heard about pet containment systems, but you may not know how a pet fence works. It’s really quite simple:


In a typical pet fence system, installers bury a small wire under the perimeter of a yard, right below the surface. Then, the wire is connected to a control unit, called a transmitter. This unit transmits a radio signal through the underground wire. Since the wire is underground and the transmitter is small, you’ll effectively have an invisible pet fence, so your view won’t be obstructed.
Then, you place a computerized receiver collar on your pet. This unit allows the pet fence to “communicate” with your pet. If the animal gets near the pet fence, the collar will beep and briefly administer a “training pulse” to indicate that they are too close. In a short while, you’ll see the results as your pet learns their boundaries.


Although these pet fence systems have made owning a dog more convenient for hundreds of thousands of families, there have been problems with safety and reliability.


Luckily, Four Paws Fence of Kansas City carries PET STOP, a pet fence system that eliminates the issues that accompany ordinary pet containment units.


The Pet Fence Transmitter

Built-In Lightning Protection w/ZappAlert™

When you live in an area where severe thunderstorms are a regular problem, such as Kansas City, then having a pet fence with an electric transmitter might sound dangerous. The pet fence systems we sell are designed with built-in surge protection that enable the electrical outlets to handle high voltage from the buried wires. Plus, they include a feature that provides audio-visual confirmation of lightning damage, helping you know when your pet fence has been compromised. If your transmitter does get damaged in a surge, it will emit two short beeps. When this happens, you should contact Four Paws Fence at (913) 381-7297 and we will have your pet fence system repaired in no time.

Wire Break Warning System

Additionally, the pet fence transmitter has a built-in sensor responsible for monitoring the boundary wire. If the wire is ever broken, your transmitter will flash and emit a continuous beep so that you’re aware of the issue. With one call to (913) 381-7297, Four Paws Fence will be at your home, locating and repairing the break.

Fully Adjustable Range

Your pet fence system is equipped to be fully adjustable so that you can specify its field width. You can press the “up” button to increase the field width, or “down” to decrease it. With its state-of-the-art digital display, your transmitter will show you the 32 steps to set the level at installation.

Transmitter Front View

A. AC Adapter

B. Range Adjust –

Includes the power on/off and range adjustment buttons to set your pet fence boundary.

C. Display –

The display shows any pet fence errors and indicates the lower level.

D. Loop Connections –

The “loop” or boundary wire connects here, and then connects to the surge protection unit.

E. Ground Wire.

F. Surge Protection Unit (Optional)

G. Loop Connections from Transmitter & To the Yard.

The Pet Fence Receiver

Low Battery Light

This indicator will alert you if your pet fence battery is low and requires replacement. It will flash 5 days before it expires.

Probes Comfort Contacts®

These soft probes connect to your pet’s neck, applying the training pulses when necessary.

Battery Cover


Simply remove the cover and replace the battery when needed.

Attaching the Receiver

To attach your receiver to your pet fence system collar, place the collar holes on the receiver inserts. Be sure that the receiver case is on the outside of the collar. Then, install the plastic washers, placing the flat side toward the probes. Next, attach the probes to the receiver inserts, screwing them snugly into place by hand. Do not over-tighten the probes, as they can break.

You can attach the receiver to a collar that didn’t come with your pet fence system, but to do so, you have to create two holes into which you can insert the washers and probes. Then follow the steps above to attach the receiver.

Battery Replacement

Replacing your pet fence system battery is sometimes necessary. To do so, remove the battery cover using a flat-head screwdriver and replace the battery with the positive (marked +) side toward the battery cover.

For more information about the pet fence systems available from Four Paws Fence of Kansas City, call 913-381-7297, 816-454-7297  today!






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