Keep your pets safe and contained while inside the home with an indoor dog fence from Four Paws Fence and Pet Stop. As your indoor dog fence specialists, we’ll provide you with the best systems on the market.

Room Wizard Indoor Transmitter

When operated as a wireless transmitter, the signal field radiates up to approximately seven feet from the unit. When used as a wired unit, the transmitter emits a maximum signal field of approximately four feet on either side of the indoor boundary wire. The maximum signal field will vary depending on the configuration of the boundary wire.
The IT-200 activates the Pet Stop® collar to train your pet to stay away from an area or a piece of furniture. The Pet Stop collar will administer a mild correction whenever your pet enters the area protected by the Room Wizard.



  • Fully adjustable signal field range.

  • Both audible and visual wire break indicator.

  • Digital readout of signal field range.

  • Key hole slot for wall mounting.

  • Twenty-four (24) month warranty on materials and workmanship.


Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America, the Room Wizard Transmitter indoor dog fence is designed for indoor use only. Additionally, your system will not work unless you: Adjust the collar tight enough for the probes to make contact with your pet’s skin but not so tight that it will cause injury. Replace your batteries as required. Contact your local Pet Stop professional if you have any difficulties. Train your pet properly.

Room Wizard Indoor Transmitter

The Pet Stop® collar will activate by emitting a beep and then administering a correction when it enters the signal field. The signal field is the area in front of and behind the wire in wired mode and the area radiating from the transmitter in wireless mode. The receiver will continue to activate while it is in the signal field for a period of 20 seconds. It will then shut down until it is removed from the signal field.

This Safety Stop® feature is designed to protect the pet in case the indoor dog fence gets stuck in the signal field. The receiver has a low battery indicator. When the red indicator light on the front of the receiver begins to flash the battery should be changed immediately. The red light does not activate during normal operation.

Indoor Pet Avoidance System

These indoor dog fence systems help keep pets away from designated areas inside your house by using a wireless pet containment unit or permanent wire (placed under carpets or in the basement). This wireless dog fence system uses the same collar as the outdoor pet containment unit. Pricing will vary depending upon whether a wireless dog fence or wired dog fence system is used.

Note: Indoor dog fence and wireless dog fence systems can be used with or without outdoor systems.






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