John Purtell is the president of Pet Stop as well as the original founder and president of Invisible Fence® Company, managing its dynamic growth throughout the '70s and '80s from a start-up into the largest pet containment organization in the industry. In 1993, John sold his interest in Invisible Fence® and in 2002 he started a team under Perimeter Technologies, expanding his own pet containment business, a product called Pet Stop®, the fastest growing name in the outdoor pet containment industry.

Blaine Bacher joined the Pet Stop business in 1994 as a pet containment dealer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then worked his way up to management and went on to become part of the executive team that has helped Pet Stop grow. Today Blaine is part of an executive team that manages Pet Stop and all of it’s operation.

Scott Touchton was also part of the Invisible Fence® brand as Chief Engineer, authoring the most patents under his name. He then also made the switch to Pet Stop and is known as the most experienced engineer in the business while also developing numerous products that have defined the industry standard.

James Deery also got his start with Invisible Fence®, Inc. as an IT Manager. Now he works for Pet Stop and is responsible for designing the software that runs our receiver collars, making Pet Stop products the smartest on the market.

Richard Kapolka served as the Manufacturing Engineering Manager for Invisible Fence®, Inc. for years and also trained service dogs for United Disabilities Services (UDS). Richard knows how to design products to last and that is why he is Pet Stop's Manufacturing Engineer.






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