Our experts will install the underground dog fence wire around the perimeter of your property. The underground pet fence carries a harmless radio signal. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar, which emits a warning beep when your pet nears the underground dog fence boundary. The system gives a mild correction if the pet ignores the warning. Our underground dog fence preserves the beauty of your yard while allowing your pet complete freedom within safe boundaries.

EcoLite system

  • Pet Stop EcoLite rechargeable receiver

  • EcoLite charging cradle

  • OT300 Digital Transmitter

  • Ultra Care limited lifetime warranty

  • 6 low training levels & 8 containment levels

  • Installation and Labor (Estimate required)

  • LINK technology coming soon


Ultra Elite system

  • UltraElite receiver collars

  • OT-150 digital transmitter

  • 2 year electronic warranty

  • 6 low training levels & 8 containment level

  • Installation and Labor (Estimate required)

  • Edge-To-Edge™ Boundary Technology Ready

UltraTuff System 

  • UltraTuff receiver collar

  • OT300 Digital Transmitter

  • UltraTuff receiver which is water resistant

  • Ultra Care limited lifetime warranty

PCC- 200 

  • Consumer Digest Best Buy 

  • PCC-200 digital Transmitter & receiver 

  • 1 year electronics warranty

  • 8 containment level

  • Installation and Labor (Estimate required)


All Packages Include: 

  • Professional Installation

  •  All Systems are Grounded for Lightning Protection

  • 1 year limited containment guarantee

  • 1 Professionally Lead Gentle Step Training

  • Optional Edge to Edge Technology (when appropriate)

Request an estimate: or call (913) 381-7297 with questions regarding one of our underground dog fences. 


Keep your pet safe and maintain your peace of mind with an underground dog fence from Four Paws Fence. 






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